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    loading data, syntax help

      Hello  I am loading data from an Excel spreadsheet and I need some assistance.  The process is as follows....I am reading the 'Delivery' sheet of the Excel spreadsheet to get the REGISTRATION Numbers per Vehicle (this is about cars and fuel usage etc).  This is in line 1. The registration numbers look like "CAW31400'. So...on the spreadsheet you will see that the Registration Numbers appear in column 2, row 1 (and then add 5 columns to the right to get to the next Reg no).I need ONLY the registration number, SKIP the following 2 lines (containing DAY and TOTAL). There after I need the info in the columns DAY, DISTANCE, no DEL and Value (per Registration no). My problem is I cannot load the Registration successfully, I get syntax errors. You will see all the data repeats for the registration numbers (that is why I add 5 to the counter every time). Can someone please assist me? In my document, there is a tab called LORNA where I am doing the work.