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    Not Able to Delete Quarantined User Accounts

      I just set up Qlikview Server 11 on Windows Server 2008.  I copied the document files from our old instance of Qlikview Server 10 to the new server.  All of the user accounts were showing up from Qlikview 10 in Qlikview 11, so I deleted all of the accounts.  However, five accounts remain as quarantined and I am not able to delete them.  This is an issue because we are running a test license and we only have five CALs under the terms of the testing license. 


      So...how on earth to I get ride of these five remainng accounts set for quarantine?  Further, why does Qlikview put them into quarantine?  This just seems wrong, if admin wants to delete accounts he or she should be able to and not have Qlikview decide for him/her.


      Can someone help here?

        • Not Able to Delete Quarantined User Accounts
          Erich Shiino


          If the quarantine is working properly, from the moment you delete an account, that license will be locked for 24 hours until it is actually available to be allocated to another user.


          I'd say it is a license control. Otherwise, it would be possible to realocate a license many times during the day and it would not be exactly a named user.


          If the problem persists after the 24 hour period, then it is not working as expected and you should report this as a bug.


          Hope this helps,



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                 I agree with Erich Schiino.    


                 I would also recommend to check and delete all the ".shared", ".pgo" and ".meta" files since those are the files used to maintain user license details. Just don't forget to keep the backup of those files.


                 After that, you can restart the QV Server Service to take affect the changes you have made.


                 Hope this helps.



            Andrew Hudson.

              • Not Able to Delete Quarantined User Accounts

                Thanks for the replies.


                I deleted all of the .pgo files and that seemed to clear up the problem.  I can now add users.



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                  Bill Britt
                  I want to post that deleting the PGO files can lead to big issues. You are correct this is the place where the licensing information is stored. However, if you have a large number of User Cals assigned this will delete all of the cals and you will have to reenter them. This can be time consuming. .
                  To delete an assigned user, thus freeing a Document CAL, click on the
                  Delete button . If the CAL
                  has not been in use for the last 24 hours, it will be deleted immediately. If the CAL is currently being used
                  or has recently been used, it will be marked for deletion, and not allow new sessions for user access
                  through this CAL, but will still occupy an allocated CAL until the Quarantine time ends. During this
                  period, you may undelete by clicking the
                  Restore button . After the quarantine period, you may
                  delete the entry manually (by clicking on the
                  Delete button), or restart the QVS service.