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    Not Able to Delete Quarantined User Accounts

      I just set up Qlikview Server 11 on Windows Server 2008.  I copied the document files from our old instance of Qlikview Server 10 to the new server.  All of the user accounts were showing up from Qlikview 10 in Qlikview 11, so I deleted all of the accounts.  However, five accounts remain as quarantined and I am not able to delete them.  This is an issue because we are running a test license and we only have five CALs under the terms of the testing license. 


      So...how on earth to I get ride of these five remainng accounts set for quarantine?  Further, why does Qlikview put them into quarantine?  This just seems wrong, if admin wants to delete accounts he or she should be able to and not have Qlikview decide for him/her.


      Can someone help here?