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    Qlikview Extension goes 3D

    Robert Svebeck



      I’ve been playing around with extensions now for a few weeks and I started looking into the possibilities of creating 3D objects with Raphaël Java Script Library.

      Attached you can see where I am right now, (still early in the process). The extenstion should be installed in the ordinary way extensions are installed. It’s a simple 3D Cube in which you can set the color on each cube-side. The cube is by default rotating, but as soon as you click and drag on the extension object, you will start controlling the cube-3D-rotation with your mouse.


      So – how could this be used in “real life”? Any ideas?

      Two ideas to get you started:
      -The cube sides color could represent data in some way, the greener the better…

      -The cube could be made “selectable” and replace a "standard" selection box. You twist the box until it shows the three side you want. The way you twist the box, it makes selections in you document.


      Please add more ideas of usage to this thread!


      Best Regards
      Robert Svebeck

        • Qlikview Extension goes 3D
          Logesh Jayaraman



          Great work,

          When i clicked the cube it stopped rotating .But keep on blinking. If we are able to stop the blinking once the rotation is stopped it will be good. I tried it in the version 10.

            • Qlikview Extension goes 3D
              Robert Svebeck



              I am rewriting the 3D-Extension so that it will be possible to have multiple cubes in the same sheet, and it will also be possible to let an expression in the extension control the colors and rotation speed and direction. That way, by qliking in your document, the color and rotation will change. Could perhaps be interesting as an alternative to a regular speedometer.


              I am running QV 11 and I don't have the blinking you describe.
              Have you tried draging with left mouse button down on the cube, not just clicking? Do you still experience the blinking? The blinking could perhaps also be dependent the local computer capacity I guess.


              Will post an updated version here once I have it done.


              Regards Robert