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    NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on

    Michael Reese

      Hello, I'm in the process of evaluating these products.


      Has anyone else compared these two products directly?


      What are there reasons you would recommend one over the other?


      Any issues or limitations encountered after purchasing?  Has support been effective and reliable?



        • NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on



          I'm a french partner and work with these tools.


          They are really different:

          - With NPRINTING, you work with :

               * PDF reports you created in QlikView

               * Simple Excel reports you create manually as template (included formulas)


            With these PDF and Excel, you can use selections (fields, favorites...), made a simple loop in a field and send to you specific users via email or put in directories


          - With QLIKVIEW REPORT MANAGER, you work with:

               * Any Office document you want as template (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), optionally convert it in PDF or HTML


          With these documents, you can use selections (fields, favorites...), made a multiple loops in a field and send to you specific users via email or put in directories


          If you only need to send QLIKVIEW PDF reports, NPRINTING is enough, but formatting really great templates is impossible with QLIKVIEW PDF reports.

          So, I think QLIKVIEW REPORT MANAGER is best to create well designed documents for users, in Word, Excel, PowerPoint... With this tool, you create the design you want for your Office document, have lots of scripting functions if needed, without any limitations. And you can also add rich text comments in your QVW and export it on your reports.


          Hope I can be helpful





            • NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on
              Michael Reese

              I've been testing NPrinting and I can see you can loop a report on different fields and distribute, but I'm not seeing a way to split to the looped report for specific users dynamically.


              The template functionality definitely surpasses anything offered from QlikTech since it allows you to create Crystal/SSRS type reports in Excel on different sheets or even different workbooks.  You can then have them generated in PDF form from the Excel template, which is a great feature.


              However, I'm having a lot of issues with stability and the errors have not been meaningful.  I had an export working last week which will not work this week after applying the latest upgrade.  My qvw is simple and has one chart and it will no longer find it.  At first, i tried renaming the chart, but it still kept seeing the old chart ID, which no longer existed.  I deleted it and added a new and now it doesn't see any charts.  I've tried creating new documents, new jobs, new tasks and it no longer recognizes charts.


              Some of the prompts are in Italian.


              Regarding CIA Partners product, I have not been able to test it yet, but I've watched the demos.  The impression I got is that you really have to script everything.  I'm not immediately seeing how that would be different from what you can do with the native QlikView macro editor where you would make API calls to other applications.  I'll have a demo Monday to get any remaining questions answered.


              I'll actually have a demo on both products so if anyone has any other specific questions, let me know and I'll try to follow up.



              • Re: NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on

                Wow, this is totally unrepresentative of what nPrinting can do.


                You can create Excel, Word, Powerpoint, HTML, or PDF documents, not just Excel or PDF. You can choose to attach the documents, or embed them into an email. For example, I often make up a detail report in Excel that shows each line item, but embed an HTML chart that shows the big picture (i.e. a chart) instead of multiple detail lines. That let's management quickly review the issue, and then go into Excel if they want to see the details.


                You can draw charts from numerous QV files at once in a single report. e.g. I do a program summary each week which draws data from 7 different QV files (one for each offered service), and includes both Excel tables and QV charts.


                You can cycle on multiple fields. For example, you want to produce reports for each salesman, showing (separately) activity on new and existing accounts. You cycle first on Sales Rep, and then on Account Type, and will get two separate files for each sales rep, each dynamically named.


                You can display QV objects (tables, charts, etc.), and any images you want to add.


                You can access bookmarks, or create your own filters, or both. If I want to cycle through a specific sub-set of a field (e.g. not all Sales, just National Accounts), I can still cycle on Sales Rep, just create a bookmark that selects the National Accounts reps first. nPrinting will then cycle through the appropriate reps.


                You can embed QV objects (including variables) in your documents. For example, I usually create a variable "vToday"( which is simplyToday(0) ) and then use that to identify the report generation date.


                You can format your Excel/Word/Powerpoint templates just as you would the Office object. If your tables are indeterminate in length, this may cause some issues. Equally, you can add any valid HTML to HTML reports to include headings, links, etc.


                I will say that nPrinting has issues with stability; I have to restart the process at least once a week. Error messages are cryptic. There is a new version (14) that I have installed on a test-bed, and that seems to be improved.


                nPrinting is not perfect, but it's better than what is included with QV. I think the reply above gives very short shrift to a decent and working product.



              • NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on



                you can dynamically distribute to a specific user with nprinting, I think so. You true, that's better than QlikTech but with Excel, you have limitations. For example, a customer tells me: I wan't to create an Excel report with a table, with background and formatting that cannot be done with QlikView object. With NPrinting, you have to define cells but you can't handle formatting after export, or you have to use macros, which is not clean in production ways.


                I don't have upgrade issues you are talking to. About the prompts in Italian, I think it could be fixed easily.



                About CIA product, you have different tasks: Excel object merge export is simple, no need to make scripts, you only have to define named call with same ID as in QlikView. That's as simple as NPRINTING.

                But for more complex Word/PowerPoint/Word documents (there's no way to do it with NPRINTING), you need to make some scripts, but that's really simple and you use no more than 20 different simple functions (like Visual Basic). In next versions, I think CIA could create a "user-friendly UI", to avoid some of scripting parts.


                I tell you that's better than any other API calls because QlikView macros are really unstable with all "big QVW". With CIA report, it works like Windows Service and you can make planification to schedule reports: that's impossible with QlikView because OnReload trigger is inactive with QVS and Windows tasks schedule very unstable to launch macros



                • NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on
                  Patrick Anderson

                  I think CIA is a superior product. We have been evaluating both, but the one big issue is CIA cost more that our Qlikview Enterprise Server/Publisher Licenses, hard to get funding for an add-on that costs more that the base system. N-Printing may meet your needs at a sixth of the price, but in my opinion it is not as well designed as the CIA tool.


                  We will push for the funding to get CIA but may end up with N-Printing due to the reduced price point.


                  Once again this is my opinion, many others may differ.

                  • Re: NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on
                    Michael Reese

                    Thanks for everyone's responses.  I just wanted to close the loop on this. 


                    CIA is definitely more flexible.  NPrinting can accomplish some tasks a bit easier. 


                    I agree if CIA made some of the functionality less script-dependant, it would go a long away. 


                    The pricing models are very different.  CIA's one size fits all cost may be prohibitive for smaller clients.  NPrinting can exceed CIA's pricing with around 25+ dev licenses.


                    If you are evaluating these tools, the one you choose will depend on a number of factors.  If you need flexibility with products outside of Excel or pdf, PowerPoint for instance, CIA can do that. There is greater control over the formatting as well.


                    NPrinting is very good at looping and creating reports that have consistent formatting OOB.  If you have a lot of reports that fit the NPrinting mold, it would be easier to implement with this tool.  But you would also need to consider future reporting and additional complexity that may be required. 


                    One thing that QV Publisher has over both of these products is the ease in which you can reduce and distribute to a field in the data model.  Both tools can do this and both partners were bery helpful in demonstrating how.  CIA required scipting, but it wasn't difficult.  Though, this is something that would be better served in the GUI.  NPrinting was a bit more more difficult to configure for that purpose.

                    • Re: NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on
                      Karthikeyan Subramaniam

                      I guess NPRINTING is taking more time to open a large QVWs.

                      • Re: NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on

                        I think that it would be interesting to add QV Report to this discussion.


                        QV Report is a real pixel perfect reporting environment (Crystal Report like, but 100% dedicated to QlikView reports).

                        No Excel dependency here (although it still allows for XLSX as output file, if wanted).


                        Not to mention all the standard and advanced features, QV Report now is available with a web client for users to explore their reports directly from a browser.


                        Get in touch with BI Network to know more.



                        Simone Stefanini

                        • Re: NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on

                          Hello, Today I'm working with Nprint and I'm not using even 50% of what it offers, but I can guarantee that we can meet the need of the client and the report defined by user type. With tupo need to understand the customer's need, which often do not even want to buy more licenses. With this we extruturar the process in a way that you have the panel to a number of people and other Nprint process that automatically sends e-mail with HTML files in EXCEL, PDF to n users. The other product that you refer do not know, but I recommend the Nprint. I believe if you had answered well structured their need and the client will be very pleased. Hope this helps. Jorge Rodrigues (Brazil)

                          • Re: NPrinting vs CIA Partners QlikView Reporting add-on
                            Michael Reese

                            Hi, I'm the original poster and it's been several years creating this thread.  Today I am partnered with Vizubi, the makers of NPrinting.  The gaps it had early on in its initial releases are long gone.  It is extremely powerful and flexible and has many use cases, including some you haven't thought of yet.


                            It does have all of the Office export options, plus pdf, image, flat file, email etc. in addition to pixel perfect.  It also has On Demand functionality that allows QV users to generate reports using their own filter selections.  I've even created a solution for On Demand that puts dimensions, expressions and labels in the users' control as well.


                            I recommend you explore the NPrinting web site and its many helpful tutorials.


                            If you're interested in a solution provider, I offer implementation and training services.  Feel free to message me if you'd like to pursue partnering with us.