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    Show ReloadTime of a QVD in another QVW

    Abraham Deme



      Can anyone please help me on this issue: 


      I have couple of QVDs for numerous tables which are created one table at a time. Now this morning, a lot reports have failed that were dependent on the successful reload of these QVDs. 

      Due to the large amount of tables, all of these are auto-reloaded daily, but if one fails and the subsequent report starts to load, then fails, my work clients can see that their report have loaded today, yet the data they want was not correct.


      My question is this, is there anyway of finding out the reloadtime of these QVDs in each my reports, so we can tell at a glance that data will be up to date  or not.


      Please help.





      FYI: Trying reloadtime() in the QVD creators is not good for me, i need that info to be imported in my reports.



      Thank you so much.