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    Chart Forecast

    David Talbot

      Hi guys


      My aim is to try and show at a glance if we are tracking on target or not using a chart and a simple forecast.


      I have 2 questions:

      1) if not all the days in a month are in the data, how do I display all days in the chart axis (objective will become clearer in Q2)?


      2) I have a chart that I accumulate on amount.  I wish to add a dotted line of the expectation for the rest of the month, nothing complicated, just a simple average or something. 


      1st graph is where I got to in QV (preferrably would not like the trend line to overlap with the blue).  2nd graph is editted in paint to try and show what I am looking for (without the trend line grey), any suggestions?  


      I look for to someinteresting ideas.

      chart 1.png chart 2.png

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          Have you try static step for your problem 1?

          Regarding your forecast, how you want qlikview to provide you with the forecast? If you are just using the build in trendline function, I do not think it is possible. However, if you set your own forecast, you can create your own expression to draw the line from your last point to your targeted point.

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            Ashutosh Paliwal


            to show all dates, you can check continuous check box in dimensions section under axis tab in your chart properties.

            and for forecast, you will need to load forecast data in your data model because the forecast/backcast in qlikview works only for the trendlines and in trendlines you can not have a customized function.



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              David Talbot



              Thanks for you rsuggestions.  I managed to get something eventually.  Here are the steps I took and a small example:


              1) I had to add all the days to the model.  For the simple example atttached added the days manually in my data, but one could write a loop to do it too.


              2)  The second one was tricky, unfortunately I could NOT add a format criteria on the forecast functionality.  I had to create an expression and use the linest_m and linest_b functions to create a trendline, on this, because it is now an expression, I was able to add format and style criteria.


              Here are the results:



              One could get a little more complicated around the target lines etc.  This simple model is just for demostration.