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    Combo Chart with two Y axes and Calculated Expressions



      I am trying to build a chart like the image attached.


      I created a pivot table as first then I thougth it would be easy to generate the chart but I can't figure it out.

      In the pivot table I have 3 Measures from the source, and I created to calculated expressions:


      1 - RangeAvg(Before(SUM([STH $]),0,13))

      2 - Sum ([INV $])/RangeAvg(Before(SUM([STH $]),0,13))


      #1 will return the average sales amount for the current week and 12 weeks before

      #2 will use the Inventory and divide that by the result of expression #1 that will return my weeks of inventory


      Once I create the Combo chart, I can not find a way do display both #1 & #2 exprssions, as lines... besided I need the Shipments $ & Sales $ bars


      I need two Y axes, in the left the Sales $ and in the right the #2 expression


      Is this possible in QlikView?

        • Combo Chart with two Y axes and Calculated Expressions

          Hi Mongepor,


          Hope you are well, In the properties of your chart there is a tab labeled Axes.  In this tab will be a box labeled the "Expression Axes" (similar to a Y Axis) and here you can select which Expressions you want to have on the Axes and which you don't by selecting the expression and checking or unchecking the box labeled "Hide Axis". 


          In the same "Axes" tab you can also specify which side of the chart you want the expression axis on in a box labeled "Position" where you can select if you want the select axis on positioned on the Left (bottom) or Right (top).  


          You will probably want to hide all the axes' that you don't want to show, but that should allow you to have to unrelated line's on two seperate axes.