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    Synthetic table, Composite Key & Model issue

      Hello Qlikperts,


      I have a problem in my model which is bugging me from past a week and half.

      I'm working on a data model which is building on already existing model, So what ever i'm doing must not to impact the existing model.

      My exisitng model Fact table is a fact built with bunch of tables (7 to 8) by joining them to fact table. when i'm trying to work on a requirement i'm ending up with a synthetic table which is associting with fact table and my new requirement table. Previously also i got synthetic tables and i removed them by using Qualify/Alias/Creating Composite keys. but In this situtation when i'm trying to create a composite key from two exisitng fields in fact table i'm ending up in a infinite loop.


      here is an example of it


      Fact :

      A, // A Coming into fact from Database source

      B, // B Coming into fact from External files.









      A&_&B // I'm creating a composite key in my new requirement table.


      but to create same composite key in fact and remove synthetic table forming by A & B attributes, I'm creating a temp table and pulling A & B fields from resident table and creating a composite key and again trying to join my Temp table to fact. here is an example how i'm doing it.



      left join (Fact)



      A&_&B // composite key

      from resident Fact;



      but here my code is not breaking and parsing into next steps.


      Can anyone have any idea where i'm getting wrong.




      Any help will be highly appreciated.






      Thank you all.