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    Possible Bug: LOAD @1 FROM [*.xls] (biff, no labels, table is Sheet1$);

    Robert Svebeck


      I'm running QV11 and I've discovered that Qlikview seems to handle this load code wrong:

      LOAD @1 FROM [c:\temp\*.xls] (biff, no labels, table is Sheet1$);

      If the folder "c:\temp\" contains only *.xls files it works fine, but if the folder contains both *.xls and *.xlsx files then Qlikview tries to load also the *.xlsx files which will not work since *.xlsx files requires another specification (ooxml, no labels, table is Sheet1).

      What I expected from Qlikview was to only load the XLS files and ignore all XLSX files.

      With this problem, I must make sure that no XLS and XLSX files are located in the same folder.

      Can anyone verify this bug?

      Best Regards

      Robert Svebeck