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    Chart Objects automatically re-sizing

    Joshua Goldner



      I have an app that I built on my desktop client.  I used an out-of-the box background from QlikTech with frames to frame my application from tab to tab.  Everything looks great on my machine and several of my co-workers machines as well (all using desktop client, and have varying screen resolutions).  However there are 2 users that it will not work on.  For some reason, on their machine, it is actually making all of the chart objects physically wider than the original app.  For instance on my machine, the width is 200, but on their machine, the width is 250.  And it is doing this to every single chart object.  I have even had them send me a copy of their version to open on my machine, and the widths return back to normal.  When it does this, it makes it look very messy, and will not fit into the frames at all.


      All of my tabs are using the Document Default which is set to the background I have selected, and is formatted as follows:


           Image Formatting: No Stretch

           Horizontal: Left

           Vertical: Top


      I would expect that everything should stay the same, except for maybe zoom level, from machine to machine, and that the objects would not be resizing.  After further investigation, I found that it is even doing this to the sample apps, such as Whats New in V11, that come already loaded with the install.


      They were on v11 IR, and I upgraded them to the latest SR1 with no luck.  Has anybody else experienced this?  Or have any ideas on not only what is causing this, but how to fix it?  Any ideas would be much appreciated!