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    Usage CAL Recovery and Digestion Counter

      Hi all,


      Let's discuss about Usage CAL.


      Usage CAL is designed to use for overflow usage during peak times. A Usage CAL allows 1 user to have access to 1 QV Document(session) for 1 hour over a 28 day period. So ifa user use 1 Usage CAL for 1 hour, it becomes inactive and is not reset(recover) until the 28 day period has passed.



      "n" Usage CAL

                → From the following day, n/28 numbers of Usage CAL will be recovered

                ・ ・ ・ ・

                → After 28 days, "n" numbers of CAL is recovered and available to use



      Usage CAL count example

      eg.1:Let's assume you have 1 Usage CAL. You used it and the counter starts.

      → After 1 day, counter becomes 1/28. After 2 days, counter becomes 2/28. After 5 days, counter becomes 5/28.........After 28 dyas, counter becomes 28/28. At this count(28 day period has passed), 1 CAL is recovered.


      eg.2:Let's assume you have 5 Usage CAL. You used all and the counter starts.

      → After 1 day, counter becomes 5/28. After 2 days, counter becomes 10/28. After 6 days, counter becomes 30/28≒(Available 1 Usage CAL at this point)............After 28 days, counter becomes 140/28. At this point(28 day period has passed), 5 CAL is recovered.


      So it is good to use when additional users will be accessing QlikView during peak times such as month/year-end closing or promotional campaigns.


      With all the best,

      Kaung Myat Tun