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    Dynamic Text Object Content



      Is it possible to load the text box object content via a simple equivalent of an include statement, or similar - from an external disk file ?


      I know you can use variable expansion but the text I would to include is lengthy and not in a format that lends itself to using a variable. In addition I would like to retain the text itself rather than using a binary image copy.




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          Just to make sure, do you want to load the text in real time?


          You could make the reading of this file in the loading script into a table (a table only with the texts)


          NAME , TEXT

          HELP1, dsajhdkjashdjkashjkdhasd

          HELP2, kdhlaskd kalsjdklasdklashdlkashdjkhnakjn


          and use the only function to show them correctly


          in a text controller

          = Only( {<NAME = {'HELP1'}>} TEXT )

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              Thanks for the suggestion. This is similar to using variables - the main issue being that the help text is long and contains the file delimiters. I will try using your suggestion as a workaround maybe with a different help file per text object ( basically one per sheet ). I will also look at submitting an "Idea" for text object content as it seems such an elementary feature given that image content is already provided ! Regards. Andrew.

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                I've found this to be very helpful indeed.  I put several text boxes in a container and could get quite a lot of information on the KPIs, definitions and Business Rules in the dashboard. 

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                Mohammad Tariq

                I have a table with 3 fields Level (1-5), Fields & description and I want to to create 5 text boxes (1 for each level) and want to change the description according to what is selected in the field column. I can't use conditional show as I want to display all 5 boxes when 1 field is selected and want to change the descriptions when another value in the field column is selected.

                Please help me out in this?


                Here my sample data:-


                0Field 1Aenean a sem et risus interdum gravida.
                0Field 2Aenean mollis ligula eu nunc eleifend mattis.
                0Field 3Aenean nec sapien volutpat sem sodales auctor.
                0Field 4Aenean posuere lacus et elementum ornare.
                0Field 5Aenean pulvinar risus id tortor lobortis, ac feugiat quam tempus.
                0Field 6Aenean tempus tortor sit amet eleifend dictum.
                1Field 1Aliquam cursus mauris sed condimentum adipiscing.
                1Field 2Aliquam iaculis ligula sed lorem rhoncus lobortis.
                1Field 3Aliquam id lectus ornare, mattis purus a, adipiscing nunc.
                1Field 4Aliquam lacinia neque et risus gravida viverra.
                1Field 5Aliquam lacinia nisl quis dignissim dignissim.
                1Field 6Aliquam quis neque in diam interdum tempus ut at est.


                Many Thanks,


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                    Haikuo Yu

                    Hi Mohammad, I have similar question about text in Qlik Sense.

                    My sample data is:

                    Level   Field

                    fruit     apple   

                    food    rice

                    meat   fish

                    When I select from level, the Qlik Sense Text&image will Field information. For example, if I select fruit, Text&image will show 'apple'; if I select fruit and food, Text&image will show ' apple rice'.

                    I use Text&image expression, and put Field at expression. If I only select 1 from Level, Text&image will show Field information correctly, but If I select more than 1 from Level, Text&image will not show Field information.

                    How did you solve your question?

                    Could you please give any suggestion?