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    Substract 2 different rows of a single table

    Anurag Bharat

      Hi All,


      I am developing an application in qlikview where I need a formula to substract 2 different rows of a single table


      Here is the sample of the table I am having.

      Date: Different dates of a perticular month (here:D1,D2,D3..etc)

      Field 1: Field2's Value depends on this column

      Field 2: Its a calculated field, derived from the values of Field 1.



      The logic for Field 2 is first row will be 0 as it dont have no previous value. The 2nd row will be Value of 2nd Row of Field 1- Value of 1st row of Field 1

      i.e: Current row value-previous row value.


      Can anyone help with this? I would prefer to do the calculation in Script rather than putting a formula in a pivot table as the data is too huge and it can take a lot of time to calculate. But if its not possible in script I will go for formula.


      Kindly help.