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    Learning Set Analysis from Scratch

      I am a week into my Qlikview education After going through multiple QV tutorials, I feel that I have a good grasp of the basics. However, writing and editing expressions is a big part of my job, and I haven't found any good resources on the topic.


      The book Hello Qlikview has a chapter devoted on this Set Analysis issue, but that is the only resource that I've found to be especially useful. I realize there is a ton of blogs out there, but any given blog post only seems to address a narrow topic. That's great for some, but I need a broader education.


      The Set Analysis Wizard (found here: http://tools.qlikblog.at/SetAnalysisWizard/QlikView-SetAnalysis_Wizard_and_Generator.aspx?sa=_CNGH) is good, but it's expressions sometimes have errors. More importantly, this wizard does not help me understand the rules that underlie the syntax of any given expression (i.e. what drives using curly brackets vs. parentheses? and when do I use < & >? These are examples of questions I have that I would hope a tutorial would answer).


      Community: Do you know of any good resources that provide an education specifically on Set Analysis?


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!