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    Calculate average pr month



      I want to visualise sales pr customer. One of the dimensions is year/month. To make the data comparable regardless of number of month in selection, I want to visualise the sales expressions as $/month. I've tried with sum(Sales)/count(distinct year_month), which almost gives me what I want. The problem is that if there were no sales to a customer a month, the count excludes that month, which I don't want it to do.


      So I want to do someting like:

      sum(Sales)/count(year_month "selected in year_month list box")


      Any suggestions how to implement this expression?


      Thanks in advance.



      Tom Arne Sivertsen

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          Stefan Wühl



          =sum(Sales) / GetSelectedCount( year_month )

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              Thanks, it helps a bit, but I see I was a little inaccurate in my description.


              GetSelectedCount( year_month ) seems to return "active" selections (those green selections). But if GetSelectedCount( year_month ) = 0 (no date active selections are done), I need to get the count of the full span of dates in the list box (both white and grey).


              In addition to that, I see that if I first choose months Jan, Feb & Mar (3 months), and then a customer without sales for e.g. Feb, GetSelectedCount( year_month ) returns 2, but I want 3 (just as the current selections box shows in this example (please see attached screen shot).


              Any ideas of further functions to utilize?



              Tom Arne