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    Display of monthly balance in chart.

    Thorsten Edler



      I have a chart with monthly sum of sales over a period of a year and would like to show the balance between each month in the same chart, but am having problems.

      I'm using this set analysis expressions


      Tables :    - year: (2008,2009,2010,2011)

                     - month: Numbers between 1 and 12

                     - balance : net sum of monthly sales


      Dimension :           month

      expression 1 :        = sum( {$<year={'$(=year)'},Monat={'$(=month)'}>} balance )

      expression 2 :        = sum( {$<year={'$(=year)'},Monat={'$(=month - 1)'}>} balance )

      expression 3 :        = Column(1) - Column(2)


      The problem is that its just working when I select one month.

      But I need to display it for every month in the chart as a whole.



      Thorsten Edler