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    Qlikview server : Services DSC & QVWS down, Reload engine down


           I have a qlikview palteform 11 on a W2008 OS with a licence server . The name of server is srs2ro-vmpilote For some time these two services appears in red (status disconnected , Failed to contact the service).


           I have an orange headband(banner) which indicates " Two or more services are down "





      Having looked on the forum those errors, I modified in the Qlikview management console the URL of the two services in  (system/setup/ ) by replacing the name of the machine by 'localhost' . I restart the computer . The services are now green but the banner indicates  "Reload Engine@srs2ro-vmpilote is down'

      I saw nothing convincing on the forum for this error. Somebody has  an idea ?. Thank you