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    Default View in AccessPoint



      I have been looking (without much luck) in the forums on how to change the defaults view from to Thumbnail View to  List View in the QlikView 11 Access Point Page.  I thought perhaps it would be a setting on the Management Console than rather having to edit the AccessPoint.js file but I haven't found a setting for that.

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          Brent Nichol

          Were you able to find a simple way of doing this?


          I would like to accomplish and don't mind modifying javascript if necesary.




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            Brent Nichol

            To change to default view to 'List', the '...\webserver\config.xml' file needs to have a setting modified.


            The default value...



            needs to be change to...



            The 'Qlikview Webserver' service needs to be restarted for the change to implemented.


            FYI:  Anyone that has already access the server will use their profile settings for view.  Test the changes with a new user to the server.


            Good luck,