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    OpenStreetMap Extension Object

    Ralf Becher

      This is an extension object which I made out of Alexander Karlsson's Google Map extension:




      It uses the CloudMade.com Web API to display OpenStreetMap tiles. This is a first version with marker custers and automate positioning dependend from the data selection. You can zoom and drag inside the map.


      The extension needs Lat/Long as dimension and a marker label as expression, as you can see in my demo app. It was tested with QV11.




      Any feedback is very welcome!


      - Ralf


      Caution: I have to mention here that a demo API key is used in the extension. If you realy want to use this in a production environment you should get your own personal API key at: www.cloudmade.com


      Update: Alexander and I have improved slightly. Now you can enter the API key in the properties pane and you can switch the markers clustering