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    Turn a delimited string into table fields - import script

    Eric VanCurler

      Hello QlikView Community,


        Some of our data that needs to be loaded into Qlik is stored in a string (single field) as such:


        Height=60,Width=30,Color=Red, etc... (attribute=value,attribute=vale...)


        I need help with transforming this data into a single table that has a field for each of the attributes. 


      So, for example, these two strings turned into the below table.

      String1: "Height=60,Width=30,Color=Red"

      String2: "Color=White,Height=50,Width=40"  (note that the order of the attributes in the string do not match from string to string).





      I'm not sure where to begin on this. If possible it would be best to have a table with dynamic columns.  If that is not readily feasible then I could build a static table with all the attributes pre-defined if that is required.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!