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    Section Access with QV Access Point

      Hi All!


      Maybe someone has a solution for the following problem:


      I have a section acces, which is working propperly as long as the application is opened via a QV Desktop. As soon as I am using the same application to be opened via the QV Access Point the section access is not working any longer.


      By opening the document QV asks for a User and then for password. This information is not part of the section acces.


      The section acces looks like followed:


      SECTION Access;


      LOAD If(not IsNull(Field1),'ADMIN', 'USER') as ACCESS,

                'MM\'&Upper(user) as NTNAME,

                Upper(user) as Link_SA



      (ooxml, embeddd labels, header is 1 lines, table is Tabelle1);


      SECTION Application;


      For the Section application i use a Link Table to connect the Section Access with the data




      LOAD Upper(user) as Link_SA,


      Resident data;


      As I mentioned above, the Section Access is working very good as long as I open the application via a QV Desktop.


      It is not working via the QV Access Point.


      So maybe anyone has a solution. Thank you all in advance.

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          What actually happens when it doesn't work? Does it not allow access to anyone? or the opposite?

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              Hi Ethanjbeau!


              No one has access to theapplication via the QV AccessPoint.


              By using the QV AccessPoint i am asked to enter a user - but no entry is accepted.

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                  Hi Miguel!


                  If i replace the SECTION Access; i am able to see the gerated table


                  It looks like:


                  ACCESS     NTNAME     Link_SA

                  ADMIN         MM\ABCD     ABCD

                  ADMIN         MM\DEFG     DEFG

                  USER          MM\AABB     AABB

                  USER          MM\BBCC     BBCC

                  USER          MM\CCDD     CCDD


                  There is no blank in the field Link_SA


                  The field Link_SA is used in a link table in teh SECTION Application


                  Even if i change my ACCESS to USER there is no ACCESS.


                  Can you explain more detailled?


                  Thank you



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                Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



                Is there any chance that you are using the "*" in the Link_SA field instead of blanks? Note that when the document is open via AccessPoint, all users are USER granted, even if you hardcoded ADMIN for that. If you have strict exclusion, and this user has no record linked, then the user is not granted access.


                Hope that helps.



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                  To all interested users - here is how i solved the problem:



                  LOAD * Inline [

                            USER,                    Visibility

                            Systemuser,          All          needed for reload and publishing

                            Admin,                    All

                            User 1,                    B

                            User 2,                    C

                            User 3,                    D

                            User 4,                    E

                            User 5





                  LOAD If(Visibility='All', 'ADMIN', 'USER') as ACCESS_Temp,

                    'Domain\'&Upper(USER) as USERID_Temp,

                      Upper(If(USER='Systemuser','',USER)) as USERIDLINK,

                             If(USER='Systemuser',' ',                                                                                // systemuser needs to have a BLANK role





                                                                               If(Visibility='E','40','No Data')))))) as Visibility

                  Resident Temp;

                  DROP Table Temp;



                  Section Access;



                  LOAD ACCESS_Temp as ACCESS,

                             USERID_Temp as NTNAME ,


                  Resident SA_Table;



                  Section Application;




                  LOAD *,

                             1 as dummy

                  Resident SA_Table

                  Where USERID_Temp <> 'Systemuser';

                  DROP Field dummy;

                  DROP Table SA_Table;


                  ... and it is working really properly