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    Expression Overview setting

      Hi all,


      I'm using 11 SR1 and am not always able to open the Expression Overview via the Setting drop down menu, or Ctrl + Alt + E. If I open a new, blank qvw, it seems to work, but stops popping up after I begin copying in the objects that I'd like to modify via Expression Overview. Is there a setting I need to change?


      For what it's worth, I'm not losing access to Variable Overview, or anything else as far as I can tell.


      Appreciate any guidance,


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          Michael Solomovich



          There are no settings, as far as I know, but sometimes it takes very long time to open it, especially if there are many expressions.




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              Thanks for the info, Michael. I'll take your word for it, but unfortunately patience hasn't helped with this particular file.

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                  Alexander Mosquera



                  Did you get it to work eventually? I have the same problem with a not too complex application. Nothing at all happens when i press Ctrl-Alt-E or when I try to bring up the dialog via the toolbar.


                  I found an alternative solution however. There is another way to access expression definitions and other structural data.


                  1. Create a new QV doc.

                  2. Go into the script editor and click on the Table Files button (i.e. browse for a table file).

                  3. Browse to the folder where your original .qvw is located and select it (You will have to select "Show all files" in the filetype dropdown first.)

                  4. Tell QlikView to interpret the QV file as an XML table. (See pic below.)

                  5. You'll find all the expressions in the the "DocumentSummary\Expression" table.

                  Make sure you comment out everything else in the automatically generated load script, since you'll end up with circular or synthetic relationships otherwise.


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                Yoann DUVAL

                I think it's because you have implemented a section access in your application and you have gone inside your application throught a user or a ntname.

                You can comment it or put an exit script before when you develop.

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                  Chhavi Singhal

                  Hi all,

                  I had a doubt in the find/replace feature in the expression overview.

                  There is an expression which i want to modify throughout the application.

                  The expression is also present in the Layout--> Show--> 'conditional'  PFB:


                  By anyway can i replace this expression also via Expression Overview as it would be very tedious manually?


                  Thanks in advance.