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    Populate data between Start and End dates in line line chart

      I have a programmed activity table where I have a Start and an End date for each activity, each activity have a Volume as other field.


      ActivityIDStart DateEnd DateVolume


      I wuld like to represent in a line chart the total value for each day between the min and max date (01/03/2012 to 09/04/2012). My problem is no the calendar, but to know for example the total value for a specific day. For example, the value for day 07/03/2012 will be 120/10 (10 is the total of days for activity 1) + 245/21 (21 total of days activity 2) wich will give me a total of 27.3125 for that day. As you see, in the original data, I have no data for that specific date.

      Example of what I would like to do.


      Any help will be very apreciates. Thanks in advance.