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    Set Analisys exclusion intersection problem

      Hi dear QV Community


      I have the following problem, I'm making a pivot table that has the dimensions and field student, I do an exercise in which I calculate the average students see math or Spanish only, discarding those that are subject to time together. Use the following expression,


      avg({<Materia = {'Matematicas', 'Español'}> -(< Estudiante = P({<Materia = {'Matematicas'}>}) > * < Estudiante = P({<Materia = {'Español'}>}) >)}   Nota)


      although the result is correct, in the field dimension shows me no, do not know why this is happening, I appreciate any help you can give me.


      I attached the model "Demostracion_Negocio.qvw"and some pictures, the pivot table are in the Third Sheet Called "Analisis de conjuntos", pivot table called "Diferencia"


      Check the result in pivot table problem



      And Check de Data Table