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    Top 10 Rank and Dimension Limits?

    Alexis Hadjisoteriou



      Let's suppose that I have a measure called Orders.Diff and a dimension Client


      I wish to create a bar graph (and a straight table) that meets the following requirements:


      a) Top N Clients by sum(Orders.Diff) where N is stored in a variable vTopDiffs

      b) sum(Orders.Diff) < vDiffThreshold


      The requirement in a) was easily achieved with:


      Calculated Dimension:   =aggr(if(rank(sum(Orders.Diff)) <=vTopDiffs, Client), Client)

      Expression:                  = sum(Orders.Diff)


      Any ideas how to achieve b)


      Simply replacing

      = sum(Orders.Diff)


      = if(sum(Orders.Diff) < vDiffThreshold, sum(Orders.Diff))


      does not work. I suspect the above needs to be added to the Calculated dimension but I have no idea how to do that. Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance


        • Re: Top 10 Rank and Dimension Limits?
          Stefan Wühl

          Maybe like


          =aggr(if(rank( if(sum(Orders.Diff) < vDiffThreshold, sum(Orders.Diff)) ) <=vTopDiffs, Client), Client)


          If using QV11, you could also look into dimension limits:

          Use as first expression something like




          as dimension just Clients and for this dimension, enable 'Restrict which values ...' with option 'show only' with 'Largest' vTopDiffs Value

          on dimension limits tab.


          Hope this helps,