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    Bullet Chart Extension Redux

    Brian Munz

      The extension I built for a bullet chart is one of the examples that "ships" with version 11.  I built it a while ago and some of the properties and the code ended up being a little confusing.

      So, I've made some minor changes to the extension and I'll probably be getting this version into a future SR.  In the meantime, here it is.

      As a quick reminder, the names of the different bars involved in the creation of the chart can be seen in this graphic:


      Also, remember the bullet chart can be used vertically of horizontally, it just depends on whether you make the object longer horizontally or vertically.
      I'll probably be posting updated version of some of the other extension examples soon.  In particular, the org chart one needed some updating.


      EDIT: There was a problem being caused by some debugging code I left in there so I've fixed that and a few other things.