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    Mapping with wildcards

      I have tried Mapping with wildcards from the QV Cookbook (http://robwunderlich.com/downloads/)  example "Mapping with a table using wildcards" .


      This works perfect for a few lines, but If I want to use it for more than approx 10 statements than it's not working anymore.


      Does anyone have another solution?




        • Re: Mapping with wildcards

          It's for using in a qwv for bankstatements. The used discription is always mixed in length, place of the needed part and use of numbers and letters. Eg



          1256 SUPER 56    

          1 NEXT FIRM 55663

          PLACE 69.12.63


          I want to have then:

          Descriptions:                   Key:                    Label1               Label2          Label3

          1256 SUPER 56               *SUPER*             FOOD               BREAD          CompanyA

          1 NEXT FIRM 55663          *FIRM*               FOOD                  MEAT          CompanyB

          PLACE 69.12.63               *69.12*               BANK               BANK               CompanyC


          Etc etc for many+ descriptions.