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    Reload documents on server with unsafe macro

    Oldrich Hlavacek


      I've application with VBS macro for generate PDF a mailing. After reload is generating report. On QV Desktop running on server is all ready: I have PDF and mail with attachment.

      When server reloads this application, any PDF and any mail. It's the same server and QlikView services are running under same user, which is run QV Desktop.


      I have set:


      - in Module: - Requested Module Security - System Access, Current Local Security - Allow System Access

      - I did Cltr-Shift-M - Give System Acces to Module Script



      - Setup - Security - Allow macro execution on server, Allow unsafe macro execution on server


      What another I have to set for runnning macro after server reload?


      Many thanks, a lot of hours, lot of script languages and result for automation: 0!