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    QMC audit/extensive audit logging

      Hi all,


      I have enabled Audit Logging and Extensive Audit Logging via the QMC (using v11 SR1). I'm not clear on what additional info Extensive Logging provides. I presumed it would show when a object is activated, maximized etc. but it doesn't appear to. Is there any way to ascertain which objects are actually used in an app?


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          Robert Greene

          Hi Adam,

          I have it working but it doesn't tell you if a user created an object, or which objects are selected, only the selections that are made and the maximise object ID.


          SheetActivated sheet Document\SH08
          SelectionClear All
          SelectionClear All
          MaximizeSheet Object Server\TB02


          This is from the help.

          To enable the logging of user selections, clear selections, sheet activation, the application of bookmarks, report access, and the maximization of objects, tick this check box. The stored file will be named as described in Log Folder.

          To enable the logging to include more details (for example, all selections that come with a bookmark), tick this check box:

          • Enable Extensive Audit Logging