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    Struggling with formulas in charts



      This is a great community! Thanks everyone.


      I have a sales table like this -


      ProductQtyRRP (total)Sale Price (total)
      Product A2200160
      Product B15045
      Product C2150120
      Product A110070

      I am trying to create a chart to find the best discount for products.


      I think the best way is to show it this way -


      x- axis - Discount

      y- axis - products sold at this discount.


      I might need to use ranges (0-10%, 10%-20%, etc ) as discounts are usually 5-10-15-20-25. I am not sure at this point how to do it.


      Could someone give me an idea what dimensions, expressions I should use for line chart, or if it should be line chart at all? Or maybe there is a better way to use QV to find the best discounts using the data I have?