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    Chart Level audit Logging

    erika gupta

      Dear All,

      Can we track which users have accessed which Charts thru Qv System Monitor.

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          Andrea Gigliotti



          Did you find any solution to enable audit for single object ?

          I already enabled the "Enable Audit Logging" and "Enable Extensive Audit Logging" options in QMC but I catch only user selections and sheets activation events.


          I'm using version 11.20 SR2


          Please let me know.


          Many thanks.


          Best Regards


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            Troy Raney

            Audit logging does only show documents opened, sheets activated, and selections made. It does not show on which QlikView objects the selections were made it. This is working as designed. Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to have object logging.

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                Marcus Sommer

                A possibility could be the using from objects per additionally selections to track - this is definitely not very nice and easy ...


                - load a list from all app objects from the meta-data as a independent field

                - trigger (each selection) a macro which read the active object-id and select this in the object-listfield


                - Marcus