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    How to encrypt fields at load time?



      I'm currently involved in a project for a bank and have to adhere to their security policies with respect to data storage. We're creating a QVD warehouse and some of the QVDs will contain sensitive data, so I was wondering how to proceed to secure the information I pull from the source system. This is due to the fact that once a QVD is created and say if some sort of theft occurs, this QVD can be opened by anyone using a licensed version of QlikView. Thefore, there is inherently no security feature to protect the QVD file.


      What we need is this: We are storing card numbers along with some other sensitive data into the QVDs we create. Our hard drives are already encrypted, therefore we do not require QVD file level encryption, but field level encryption/scrambling. So at the time of QVD generation, we would like to encrypt the card numbers (during load) before the storage to QVD. At the time of reloading the qvd, we would decrypt it and make it available to the app.


      I’d be glad if anyone could give it a thought and may be suggest alternatives if any or advise a possible solution to this. By the way, one of my thoughts were to use some sort of logic to scramble the card number field during qvd generation and devise a key to unscramble during app reload. Is there some sort of logic I can use?


      Thanks for your help..