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    How to Export a single Chart to Excel based on User Selection?

      Hi All,


      I am trying to export a chart (only the currently viewed chart) when selected by a user after pressing a button.


      Currently I have an input box (with drop down enabled) to select which chart is shown. Only the chart selected in the input box is shown (all others are conditionally hidden).


      I want the button to export a given chart to excel. I can have the button function as follows:


           SUB ReportSelection

           SET chart=ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

           SET p = chart.GetProperties


           END SUB

      However I would have to create a separate button for each chart.



      If I did this:


           SUB ReportSelection

               For i = 0 To ActiveDocument.NoOfSheets - 1

                   Set MySheet = ActiveDocument.GetSheet(i)


                       For X =lbound(MyCharts) to ubound(MyCharts)


                                Set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(MyCharts(X).GetObjectId)

                                IF Obj.GetObjectType = 10 Then

                                          SET chart=ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(MyCharts(X).GetObjectId)

                                                                       SET p = chart.GetProperties


                            End if



           End Sub


      The Macro goes through and prints out all four charts I have created.

      Is there a way to only print out the current chart the user is viewing?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!