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    Trigger fifth business day of the month

      Hi guys.. I need program a trigger the fifth business day of the month. This can be done?.





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          Stefan Wühl



          not sure if I understood what you want to trigger or where you want to use the trigger.


          This expression will return the number of business days (working days Mon-Fri) counted from start of today's month:


          =NetWorkDays(monthstart(today()), today())


          You can add a list of holidays as additional arguments to Networkdays() function (please check the Help file for more details).


          So something like



          could be used as condition e.g. in a show condition expression of a chart.


          Hope this helps,


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              I try to create a new trigger in a task with management console!.

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  I don't think that triggering on business day number of a month is a standard feature in QV management console (but I could be wrong).


                  Two possible workarounds came to my mind:


                  If you are firm in Windows scripting, write a little script that checks for the business day, if it's #5 of the month, trigger your task via an EDX call (there are some samples here in the forum of how to do this, it's quite easy using the command line tool). Let the windows scheduler run this little script every day.


                  Same idea, little different approach:


                  Create a small qvw file, check in the script the number of your business day with above suggested QV expression. Only proceed if the expression is true (or exit script).


                  Create a trigger in management console that let QV server execute this script each day (or 5. to 7. of a month).



                  Hope this helps,