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    How to replace Null() by a string value?

    Koen Bal



      I'm trying to replace null() values of a field [Rekening tegenpartij] by the value 'geen' .

      I tried the script below. The script compiles but is not changing anything in the data.


      1) What is wrong in my script? Is there anything wrong with defining the Null() value?

      2) Is there another more elegant way not using the mapping function?

           Considering that I will also use the same mappingtable to replace empty values of other fields of the table Transacties.


      //create table to be used in mapping
      Mapping LOAD * INLINE
      [     Key, Label
            Null(), geen   ];
      //Map the empty values in Rekening tegenpartij
      ApplyMap( 'mappingtable' , [Rekening tegenpartij] ) as [Rekening tegenpartij]
      RESIDENT Transacties;



      Thx for your help