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    Calculating  Total of YTD Calculation Based

      Hi There,

                   I am quite new to  both Qlikview as well as the discussion Forum. I have a problem with Calculating Total for a Calculated field which is YTD Calculation

      The Formula of YTD Calculation, which works on single selection , is attached below.It Works when I select only one OrgUnitName but When I choose Multiple orginsational Unit it Shows 0.

      What I am trying to achive is Total of YTD at theTotal Level. Pictures Attached for Examples



      sum({$<GLYear = {$(=only(GLYear))}, GLMonthNo = {"<=$(=Max(GLMonthNo))"},OrgUnitName={"$(=(OrgUnitName))"}>} (GLTotalAccountCredits+GLTotalAccountDebits))





      Please help.