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    Separate text to columns, when between the text it's the "|" caracter

      Hey everyone, I have this question: I have a column that shows something like this:


      |BASE Phenom 100||BASE Legacy 600||BASE Legacy 650||EASA (EU)||CAA (Aruba)||CAA (Cayman)||CAA (Isle of Man)||GCAA (UAE)||SAA (Ukraine)||RFATA (Russia)|


      |BASE Phenom 100||BASE Phenom 300||BASE Legacy 600||BASE Legacy 650||FAA (USA)|


      |LINE Phenom 300||BASE Phenom 100||ANAC (Brazil)|


      Each line is a single cell (Excel cell).


      So, what it's shown between the "||" I would like it to be displayed in separated cells. The file it is shown as "Delimited" when I ask to be opened.


      On Excel, it would be something like "text to columns". I want to do it to those cells (they are in the same column) in the Qlikview.


      Since now, I appreciate =]