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    Question on Upgrade from version 11.0 to 11.2 SR1


      Hello there!

      This is my first QlikView upgrade task and I will be upgrading Qlikview Server from version 11.00.11271 to the latest version 11.2 SR1.

      After reading section 4 "Upgrading from Previous versions" I feel somehow confused (Release Notes for 11.2 SR1).


      Here is why:


      In section 4.1 QlikView Desktop, it says:
      "To upgrade, previous versions of QlikView need not be uninstalled".


      Then, at the bottom of the page, section 4.2.3 From QlikView 11, it says:

      "It is recommended to uninstall earlier versions of QlikView 11 before installing Qlikview 11.2"

      Since I will be upgrading the QlikView Server, I should remove the previous version 11.0, is that correct?

      I better be safe than sorry... Can someone who's been thru the process please clarify?



      Miguel Gavidia