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    Current Month vs Last Month



      I'm trying to build a table with 2 collumns: Current Month Sales | Past Month Sales.


      Could you help me with the expression to create the Past Month Collumn ?




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          HI ,  

                For Past Month try this code :

          if(Month(Date)=month(AddMonths(Today(),-1)), Sales ) as PastMonthSales



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            Neha Deshmukh



            Try this Expression for last month data-







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              ajeet tomer

              Hi, Vinicius


              Create two variables

              1. vCurrentMonth


              and make ur expression like:

              sum( {$<Year = {$(#vCurrentMonth)}>} Sales )




              2. vLastMonth


              sum( {$<Year = {$(#vLastMonth)}>} Sales )



              Same as u can create Current Year and Last Year calculation





              Ajeet Tomer

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                Israr Khan



                Use =sum(Amount) for current month.


                Use =sum({<Month={$(=Max(Month)-1)}>} Amount) for last Month.


                it will work on your current selections:


                Hope this help.


                Kind Regards



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                  Alan Farrell



                  Current Month:


                  SUM({<DateField ={">=$(=MonthStart(Today())) <=$(=MonthEnd(Today()))"}>} Amount)


                  Previous Month:


                  SUM({<DateField ={">=$(=MonthStart(Today(),-1)) <=$(=MonthEnd(Today(),-1))"}>} Amount)


                  In this Example if the DateField was  [Calendar Date] it would look like this


                  SUM({<[Calendar Date] ={">=$(=MonthStart(Today())) <=$(=MonthEnd(Today()))"}>} Amount)


                  SUM({<[Calendar Date] ={">=$(=MonthStart(Today(),-1)) <=$(=MonthEnd(Today(),-1))"}>} Amount)


                  Let me know if this works






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                      I found the following to work more accurately for me.


                      =count ({<ClaimsAssisstantSubmittedDate ={">=$(=MonthStart(Today(),-1)) <$(=MonthStart(Today()))"}>} JobID)



                      The difference:

                      Alan's code has <= monthend(today,-1);

                      I have                < monthstart(today)

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                      Vatsal Ajmera


                      The easiest solution to this would be to the monthAgo calculation in the Qlik Calender.

                      create an auto calendar for the date field you are trying to visualize by using the Derive fields function in the calendar script. ( I can attach the complete auto calendar script if needed)


                      ex:-  DERIVE FIELDS FROM FIELDS [date Field]


                      now, for current month the code in the measure field would be :

                      Sum( {$ < [Date.autoCalendar.MonthsAgo] = {'0'}>} sales) 

                      U can change the 0 to 1,2,3 to go back to n last months.


                      Hope this helps.

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                          Murat Akkemik

                          could you please send me auto calendar full script?



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                              Vatsal Ajmera



                              Below is the query for the auto Calender. Remeber this is for QLIKSense. Load the script and use the Derive function to add the fields for which you want the auto calender. Let me know if it works for you.



                                DECLARE FIELD DEFINITION Tagged ('$date')
                                Dual(Year($1), YearStart($1)) AS [Year] Tagged ('$axis', '$year'),
                                Dual('Q'&Num(Ceil(Num(Month($1))/3)),Num(Ceil(NUM(Month($1))/3),00)) AS [Quarter] Tagged ('$quarter', '$cyclic'),
                                Dual(Year($1)&'-Q'&Num(Ceil(Num(Month($1))/3)),QuarterStart($1)) AS [YearQuarter] Tagged ('$yearquarter', '$qualified'),
                                Dual('Q'&Num(Ceil(Num(Month($1))/3)),QuarterStart($1)) AS [_YearQuarter] Tagged ('$yearquarter', '$hidden', '$simplified'),
                                Month($1) AS [Month] Tagged ('$month', '$cyclic'),
                                Dual(Year($1)&'-'&Month($1), monthstart($1)) AS [YearMonth] Tagged ('$axis', '$yearmonth', '$qualified'),
                                Dual(Month($1), monthstart($1)) AS [_YearMonth] Tagged ('$axis', '$yearmonth', '$simplified', '$hidden'),
                                Dual('W'&Num(Week($1),00), Num(Week($1),00)) AS [Week] Tagged ('$weeknumber', '$cyclic'),
                                Date(Floor($1)) AS [Date] Tagged ('$axis', '$date', '$qualified'),
                                Date(Floor($1), 'D') AS [_Date] Tagged ('$axis', '$date', '$hidden', '$simplified'),
                                If (DayNumberOfYear($1) <= DayNumberOfYear(Today()), 1, 0) AS [InYTD] ,
                                Year(Today())-Year($1) AS [YearsAgo] ,
                                If (DayNumberOfQuarter($1) <= DayNumberOfQuarter(Today()),1,0) AS [InQTD] ,
                                4*Year(Today())+Ceil(Month(Today())/3)-4*Year($1)-Ceil(Month($1)/3) AS [QuartersAgo] ,
                                Ceil(Month(Today())/3)-Ceil(Month($1)/3) AS [QuarterRelNo] ,
                                If(Day($1)<=Day(Today()),1,0) AS [InMTD] ,
                                12*Year(Today())+Month(Today())-12*Year($1)-Month($1) AS [MonthsAgo] ,
                                Month(Today())-Month($1) AS [MonthRelNo] ,
                                If(WeekDay($1)<=WeekDay(Today()),1,0) AS [InWTD] ,
                                (WeekStart(Today())-WeekStart($1))/7 AS [WeeksAgo] ,
                                Week(Today())-Week($1) AS [WeekRelNo] ;

                              DERIVE FIELDS FROM FIELDS [DATE FIELD] USING [autoCalendar] ;