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    Removing Close button in QV Navigation Bar

    Naveenchellaaraam Dhanabalan


      I have a requirement where i need to remove the navigation bar in the QV Reports hosted in accesspoint.

      I have removed the Tool Bar using opendoc.htm. But i am not able to remove the close button in the Reports.

      Is it possible to remove or hide the close button.

      If yes, then what are the limitations and disadvantages of removing it.

      If no, then is it possible to change the colour or set it to be transparent so that the user doesnt see it.

      Please revert back with any possible solutions.


      Thanks in advance


        • Re: Removing Close button in QV Navigation Bar
          Bill Britt



          Please note this is not supported and I would make sure you have a backup of the opendoc.htm. Search and remove the below. Please make sure you test all functions to make sure they are still working.


            <div avq="toolbar:.StandardActions" id="QvAjaxToolbar">
             <ul id="QvAjaxToolbar-right" class="ctx-menu ui-helper-clearfix">
              <li class="cf">
               <a href="javascript:CloseSession();" onclick="event.stopPropagation ? event.stopPropagation() : event.cancelBubble = true" id="Close">
                <span class=""></span>
                <span class=""></span>

             <div id="InitialLoader">
              <img alt="" src="/QvAjaxZfc/htc/Images/Working.gif"/>
              <span class="ctx-menu-text">Loading...</span>