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    QV 11 - User Documents - can't remove qvw


      For some reason our QMC is still showing a User Document, that has been removed.

      I have tried to re-create the a document with the same name, just to be sure that no Task or DocCal was allocated the document. And there is nothing of that kind assign to the document.

      But after checking for all that and after deleting the qvw-document again, the document still shows under the User Document in the QMC.


      Trying to apply some change to the document in User Document pane, I'm getting the error:

      "Failed to set document meta data".


      For some reason the document name is spelled with upper case (capital) letters in the QMC.


      Any ideas how to remove that User Document from the QMC?


      (It's not possible to remove the pgo-files, because they holds a lot of info on other documents).