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    Dynamic Connection

    Israr Khan

      Hi, Community,


      How can we create a dynamic connection, e.g, we have two servers and both having the DB.

      What i want if one server is down, then Qlikview connect to other server automatically...


      it seems simple. but dont have enough experience to deal with...


      Kindly Help.


      Kind Regards


        • Re: Dynamic Connection
          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Sort of. Set error mode to 0 (SET ErrorMode = 0;) so the script will continue when an error is encountered. Add two load statements for both databases. The second one should be in an if-then block. In the if condition check the value of the scripterror variable to check for database related errors. For example a scripterror value 9 means the database was not found. You can find the error codes and their meaning in the help file. Alternatively you could just check if the table that should have been created exists and/or if there are any rows in it using the TableNumber and/or NoOfRows functions.