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    QlikView 11 SR2 Server Task Reload Hangs

    Eamonn O'Brien



          I was wondering if someone could help me the following issue we are having?

      We recently upgraded to Qlikview 11 SR2 from Qlikview 10 SR4 but when our schedules reload over night there can be

      a random incident where a Task reload gets stuck. The user has to manually stop the task from the QEMC in order

      to successfully abort the Reload.


      Please see the attachment of the Task Log of what happens when this incident occurs.

      The Reload engine does not even open up the document. QVW file.


      I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help me this issue. Thanks very much.


      Kind Regards


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          Daniel Baksa

          I have the same problem!!!



          We just upgraded from SR1 11.0.11282 to 11.20.11922. We were experiencing this issue in SR1 and based on the release notes expected this to be solved in SR2.


          We are running this is test and want to promote to production no later than mid July.

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              Eamonn O'Brien

              Hi dbaksa


                        I was on to QlikTech regarding this issue and they send me the following PDF document (Please see below).

              We haven't solved the problem yet but we are collating all the times it happens and seeing if it is occuring at a specific time. Please let me know if you get anywhere on this. Thanks very much.


              Kind Regards






              If you see a task log similar to the below example, the distribution service is
              running into a conflict when
              simply trying to open the QVW file.


              When tasks start to hang, they occupy QlikView Engines and can create a domino effect, so eventually

              there are no more QlikView Engines (QVBs) available to run other subsequent tasks and eventually there

              are massive task failures.



              Example task log of a
              hanging task:


              21/08/2012 08:59:07.5454505 Information
              An instance of the QlikView Engine is being created



              21/08/2012 08:59:07.5454505 Information
              Starting QlikView Engine



              21/08/2012 08:59:09.4486749 Information
              Allocated QlikView Engine successfully. Current



              usagecount=9 of 10, Ticket=301451



              21/08/2012 08:59:09.4486749 Information
              Loading document



              (0.54 Mb)



              21/08/2012 08:59:10.4626879 Information
              Loading. LoadTime=00:00:01.0140130



              21/08/2012 08:59:12.4907139 Information
              Loading. LoadTime=00:00:03.0420390




              This can be caused by other programs scanning or opening the document at the same
              time (for example a security software scan or back-up software) or perhaps
              there are multiple tasks trying to open the document at the same time.



              It might be a good idea to review the triggers and scheduling of your tasks so that there are no more than 1task
              accessing the same document at the same time. You can do this by making those
              tasks dependent on the success of the previous task, hence creating a task



              Example of a task



              Also check to see if there are any other
              programs are locking the file to see if this might be causing the problem. Also,
              (if using Publisher) by adjusting the settings on the Trigger tab > Task
              Execution Options of the task by increasing the number of tries and reducing
              the timeout setting, you will decrease the chance of hanging tasks occupying
              QlikView Engines all day.



              Adjust settings to
              prevent domino effect

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              umesh karthick

              Hi Obriene


              "The document might require username and password."


              Could you please try to Create New Admin Acocunt with full permission For the Qlikview Services ..

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                Daniel Baksa

                We have these same tasks and triggers running in a V9 box and have never experianced tasks hanging. Ocassionally one or two will fail as they time out waiting for a QV engine to become available.


                All task were manually re-created on the V11 server so I believe they are all in good order at this time.

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                  Any resolution on this? I am experiencing the same issue. Have 30 tasks that are triggered at once, 29 always complete and one remains hanging. It is always a different task that does so.

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                      Daniel Baksa

                      I did resolve our hanging issues by changing the desktop heap settings on our server. We have 16 processors and this modification was required to configure more than 9 reload engines. The recommend number of reload engines is 1 less than the number of processors on the server for a max of 9 recommended reload engines. If you have more than 9 processors than the heap settings on the server must be modified to enable more than 9 reload engines.


                      I would suggest you contact support to review your system settings before proceeding with modifications to your server. There are may things that can cause tasks to hang so a review with support would be a good place to start.


                      Good Luck!