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    Partial reload on QlikView Server

    Milda Vitalyte



      I am using qmsedx.exe to trigger the reload task on QlikView Server. This trigger is innitiated by pressing the button (in Ajax client interface) and running the macro (qmsedx command). The reload works perfectly.

      However, I would like to run not full, but partial reload. Is it possible to run a partial reload on QV Server using qmsedx.exe? I could not find any parameters in qmsedx.exe and no such option and setting in QlikView Management Console.


      P.S.: I have a simple QlikView Server, without Publisher license.


      Thank you,


        • Re: Partial reload on QlikView Server
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Milda,


          The task must be configured to be partial reload. I know where the setting is in Publisher but I'm not sure about it without Publisher. In any case, it does not depend on the trigger.


          You can work that around and warp several pieces of script using IF and variables you can pass using this tool instead of QMSEDX.exe, so you only load what you want:




          IF '$(vReloadMaster)' = 'YES' THEN
          LOAD *;
          SQL SELECT * FROM Master;
          END IF


          qv-edx-trigger.exe command


          QvEDXTrigger.exe --task="PartialReload" --variable=vReloadMaster --values='YES'


          Hope that helps.