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    LOG FILE "Authenticated User is NULL"



      I am facing a problem in log file, In which record has been created whose 'Authenticated User/Identifying User' is "BLANK/NULL" and 'Document Timestamp' is 1899-12-30 00:00:00.


      How can I resolve my issue and why it comes??

      So that, In future no such record will be created in log file.



      Best Regards


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          Bill Britt

          Hi Garry,


          This happens when a user session time out, and they come back to it and reconnect.  It appears that the session is log correctly by QVS  on the first connection, but when it starts the reconnection it loses the auth information and the document timestamp also.  I think this has been corrected in the current release of QVS.



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              Hi Bill,


              Thanks for your response.


              Request you to explain below points. So that I can able to understand every part of it.


              1) In all our qvw docs: Document Settings---->Server, we've left the Maximum Inactive Time(secs) blank

              which means that users would never be timed out if they leave their session opened.

              But the Maximum Inactive Time(secs) in the QMC:System--->QVS---->Performance is set to 1800 secs.

              Does that mean that all the docs still take into account this time ?


              2) If yes, do we need to leave the above (QMC value) blank too ?


              3) Doesn't the QMC value override the doc values ?


              Best Regards