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    Create and Save data in Qlikview



      As done in the below video


      QlikView ROI Calculator - 5000 User Scenario - YouTube


      Can you please guide to the right track (study material)  to generate and save data scenarios in the qlikview? It's great for generating multiple P/L forecasting scenarios, comparing and discussing them in a meeting room!


      Thanks in advance!




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          Hi Shoaib,


          When I saw that video I thought exactly the same.

          I worked on a solution for quite a while, so I will share it with everyone here.


          Make sure that in document properties -> Server -> Enable push from server and Enable Dynamic Data Update are enabled!


          - First create variables for all inputfields that someone needs to fill in.

          - Create the input fields

          - Create a button, select actions -> Dynamic update (dynamic update will immediately add the specified data into your qlikview datamodel, no reloads required)

          - Select some more actions (if you want) like set variable: 0

          - Last action: Run Macro, this is to export a table to a .qvd file (the data is already in your qlikview, this is for storing)


          Make a chart, (straight table) with all the fields you want to store in the .qvd file (I recommend all of the same fields as in the dynamic update). And put this chartnumber (for example: CH01) in the macro.

          For this chart, it might be wise to put a conditional show in the


          Please see the example for more details!



          Now the value of this approach is that you do not only have the scenarios in the qlikview, you also have them stored in a .qvd file! (you might want to use these in another qlikview, as backup or for next reloads).


          Hope this helps.

          With regards,


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              Hi Jop,


              I tested your Scenarios.qvw and it works great but I have a question.


              It seems that the partial reload is not necessary.  I disabled the "ActiveDocument.PartialReload" from the last action Run Macro and it is still working.  Can you explain why do I need to do a partial reload at that time?


              --> Last action: Run Macro


              Sub ExportLocal()


                  set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")


                  obj.ExportEx "Scenario.qvd", 4






              End Sub