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    Drill down in Funnel



      I'm looking for a way to drill down in a funnel.  I have 5 expressions in my funnel.  The problem is the data at the top of the funnel is so much larger than the bottom. So I'm hoping to only look at two or three expressions at one time.  My expressions are pageviews, visitors, leads, demos and wins.  I'd like a view that shows pageviews and visitors, then visitors and leads, then leads to demos to wins.  So three views.  Is there a way to do this in one funnel?  Or do I need to create three funnels?



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          You could create three funnels and choose the one to show using a variable and condition show (layout tab).

          Or you can use conditional expression in one funnel to show appropriate list of expressions depending on the variable value.


          You can even transform your expressions into one with pick(match()) functions and use dummy dimension with values  pageviews, visitors, leads, demos and wins.  This allows the user to choose the expressions to show.