Tool for easy creation of load/performance tests of QlikView (v.10 and 11)

This package (referred to as QVScriptGenTool) contains a complete set of tools for easy creation, execution and analysing of load/performance tests and regression tests.


Included parts are:


  • Standalone application for creating a JMeter script
  • Support files for launching the script by utilizing the JMeter engine (JMeter installed is a pre-requisite)
  • QlikView applications for analyzing the results from a test session
  • Documentation on how to use the package


Major Changes for latest release (0.7):


Added capability to create, execute and analyze regression scripts.


With the new capabilities in the tool it is possible to generate a report over differences when a simulation has been run multiple times. With the tool one will define end user interactions towards a certain QlikView application and when executed the result sets are stored down to a file.


When to use regression scripts?


- To verify that my applications will functions as intended (i.e. as in previous version) after upgrade of QV version

  • By designing and executing a simulation as a regression test towards an application deployed in two different versions of QlikView, one can identify potential differences in-between versions.

- Supportive functionality to validate results for variants of expressions during application development

  • By executing a simulation towards different variants of an application (i.e. different expressions intending the same calculation) it is easy to compare whether one retrieve the same results with modified expressions or not.


It is important to note that the main purpose for this tool is to provide a quick way for detecting differences. To understand how the actual difference is perceived if, for example, a difference in a chart can be identified with a human eye it is always advised to manually replicate the selection in the actual QV application, where the tool has pinpointed a difference.



Changelog 0.6 -> 0.7


New Features

  • Possibility to run regression scripts, see separate regression testing documentation.
  • Warn if document does not contain an open doc action when saved
  • Improved error messages for functions in execution tab
  • Changed Script editor GUI, made it possible to insert action before current action if holding shift button.
  • Added "Generate" alternative in execution context menu.
  • Support for xrf cookies (if turned on in QV 11SR2 or later).


Note: Using windows built in unzip functionality will not allow the .exe to launch unless unblocking zipped folder first (properties -> unblock).


Your use of QVScalabilityTools will be subject to the same license agreement between you and QlikTech for QlikView Server. QlikTech does not provide maintenance and support services for QVScalabilityTools, however please check QlikCommunity for additional information on use of these products.