QV Scalability Tools (QV10,QV11,QV12)

    This package (referred to as QVScalabilityTools) contains a complete set of tools for easy creation, execution and analyzing of load/performance tests and regression tests.


    QlikView documents to help analyze result and log files(This was previously included in this package):Scalability Results Analyzer


    Older versions of the tool can be found here: Tool for easy creation of load/performance tests of QlikView (v.10 and 11)

    Tools for Qlik Sense can be found here: Qlik Sense Scalability Tools (Sense v2.0, v2.1, v2.2, v3.0, v3.1)

    QlikView Benchmarking tests: QlikView 12 Hardware Benchmarking Package and QlikView 11 Hardware Benchmarking Package

    Note: Using windows built-in unzip functionality will not allow the .exe to launch unless unblocking zipped package first (properties -> unblock).


    Included parts are:

    • Standalone application for creating a JMeter script
    • Support files for launching the script by utilizing the JMeter engine (JMeter installed is a pre-requisite)
    • Documentation on how to use the package

    Changelog 1.2.3->1.2.4

    • Added support for JMeter 4.0 and Java 9.
    • Bugfixes for regression testing
    • Added actions: Select Excluded, Select All, Select Possible
    • Added support for 12.20 SR3

    Changelog 1.2.2->1.2.3

    • Bugfix for export to excel action
    • Added transfer state (bookmark) support for document chaining
    • GUI: Template selection more accurately show supported Qv versions

    Changelog 1.2.1->1.2.2

    • Bugfixes, make sure minimum amount of selections are respected in certain corner cases

    Changelog 1.2->1.2.1

    • Improved performance for high throughput scenarios

    Changelog 1.1 -> 1.2

    • Improved assertions logic to show faulty actions as errors
    • Change JMeter template scripts to use groovy instead of beanshell
    • New prerequisites:
      • JMeter version 3.0
      • Java 64-bit JRE 8


    Your use of QVScalabilityTools will be subject to the same license agreement between you and QlikTech for QlikView Server. QlikTech does not provide maintenance and support services for QVScalabilityTools, however please check QlikCommunity for additional information on use of these products.


    The supported versions of Java are 8 and 9. Supported version of JMeter are 3.0 and 4.0, but not 3.2