If you haven't yet heard, Qlik recently released 3 open source software projects, now available for use and open to contributions!



enigma.js is a framework that communicates with Qlik Sense backend services. The Rest Service allows communication with Qlik REST APIs, while the Qix Service allows communication with the Qix Engine. enigma.js is now my preferred method for communicating with Qlik Sense backend services, and if you're a developer that works with javascript, I strongly suggest you check it out.



leonardo-ui is a UI component library that has a Qlik Sense look and feel. It works well with popular CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation. Using leonardo-ui can speed up your UI development process, and keeps styles in sync with other Qlik Sense assets.



after-work.js is a unified testing framework capable of performing unit, component, integration, and end-to-end tests. It is the testing framework used by enigma.js and leonardo-ui.



You can contribute to any of the Qlik open source projects. Each project has its own contribution guidelines, linked below.

Contributing to enigma.js

Contributing to leonardo-ui

Contributing to after-work.js